We got this email on July 11th 


Hey everyone!

I’m glad to hear that everyone is doing well!. the past week has been one of the best in my life and writing it all down will take a long time. 
The first few days here were a shock because you never have done anything like it before, not to mention that by the time the 3rd day came around I thought that I had been here a week. On the 4th of July we had our first p-day and later got to watch the fireworks from outside while eating some ice cream. All the other missionaries started singing “The Star Spangled Banner.” but all I could think of was how all the foreign missionaries felt in that situation. must be odd being so far away from home. The day after was Saturday and we just had a normal class day. but Sunday was one of the best days ever! fast and testimony meeting was great and we got to go to a mission devotional that night. It was a recording of a talk that David A. Bednar gave to the missionaries at Christmas a few years back. he talked about the natural man and what we have to do to cast him off us and become effective missionaries. Just after the devotional, one of the sisters in our ward wanted a blessing of comfort while she was out on her mission. Elder Dye ( one of my roommates.) gave the blessing so Elder Nelson, Myself and Elder Millett (Elder Dye’s companion) stood in the circle and gave her a blessing. after that her companion also wanted a blessing so we did her as well. it was a good night. Days after that have been pretty normal but we started something called TRC. its when a companionship has to teach an “investigator” that is here at the MTC. what we don’t know is that if they are a member or a real investigator. The one that we got was a man named Christian Solomon and if he is a member and is just acting. he is doing a very convincing job because every question that we ask him he gives a very honest answer to. not to mention that his story is very interesting. he is a conflict photographer. he goes into parts of the world that are in the midst of some kind of conflict and take pictures of all of it. as a result he has seen a lot of death and suffering. no to mention that his 3 year old son died about a year ago. He was angry at heavenly Father and wanted to no part of him, and we thought that we would never be able to teach him anything because he was so closed off to feeling the spirit. but last night was a turning point. we decided to not teach a lesson and instead decided to just ask him a few questions about his relationship with heavenly father. Just doing that we were able to figure out enough about him to get him to feel the spirit and got him to pray. which is a huge step for us because he said that he would never pray unless you gave him “A dang good reason” we follow up with him today to figure out how it went. I really do hope that it went well.
love you all!!!