It is amazing to hear from you guys and I’m happy that everything is going well at home. even if there isn’t much going on. 
I’m sure that you are all worried about where I am and how im doing so I’m going to lay it all out
I’m in Fayettville Arkansas in the second ward with my companion Elder Allen, things have been going very well and we have been very busy throughout the day going out and teaching investigators. in fact, we had 6 investigators come to Sacrament meeting and a few of them stayed through all of church. we had 27 lessons this week and we have a few people with baptismal dates. one of these people is a 21 year old girl named Alexis she is getting baptized in the 31st, which is her 21st birthday. she lived with her parents who are recent converts and they don’t know that she is getting baptized. she is looking to surprise them because they have been trying to get their entire family converted. its really cool. There is another person that we are teaching, though she does not have a baptismal date, named Elizabeth. she is a very nice Black woman in her mid 50’s and was born Pentecostal. So she is not used to having the reverent spirit that you have in our church. She is very receptive to what we are teaching her and thinks that the fact that there are 18 year old boys going around teaching people about Christ’s teachings is the just the coolest thing ever. The Area I’m in is the Fayettville 2nd ward and it is a bike area. So I got to break in my bike early. Emphasis on break. The rear tires inner tube valve got plugged up with hardened slime. so I cant pump it up or let the air out. I tried unscrewing the valve core but the slime worked its way into the threading so I cant get it out. I ended up just replacing the tube with the spare that you sent with me. (btw thanks for that (: ) I’ve also had the chain fall off and the front tire quick release drop off in the middle of the road. cant wait to see what else happens (: 
After we got cut off on the phone ( sad face.)  I found out that our flight into Denver would be delayed and was in fear of being completely cancelled. it was delayed so much that we thought that we would have to just take a different flight. it eventually worked out and we were able to get on the plane but we were worried that we would miss the our connecting flight into Tulsa so our travel group of about 14 people said a prayer while getting on the plane and after we landed we found out that the flight into Tulsa had also been delayed about half an hour so we were able to make it on time. When we got to Tulsa we met President and Sister Shumway and they are some great people. and are natural leaders. President Shumway just feels like he knows exactly what he is doing and sister Shumway has a very caring personality that everyone latched onto. while we were at the mission home we we interviewed by both president and sister Shumway to make sure that we were safe to be there. President Shumway made sure that I was here for the right reason and that I was worthy. while Sister Shumway made sure we were all healthy. (I passed both just fine in case you were wondering.) I found out that during this process that my estimated return date is July 1st 2016 but that’s if transfers stay on the same schedule, which they most likely wont, so I don’t think that’s concrete. after all that we got sent off to all the different area’s the we would be serving in. and I met with Elder Allen. because we were quite a ways away from our actual area we got a ride from an older couple named the the Hutchings and they were super nice. they even took us out to lunch before they brought us to the apartment. I spent the afternoon settling into the apartment and Elder Allen got familiar with the area. We had dinner that night at the Bishops house.He thought that is was funny when he found out that it was my first day in the field. Not sure why he thought that. After that we have been busy going to different appointments all day and meeting with people on the street in between. never a dull moment. our p-days are on Mondays and its a welcome change of pace from the super busy days that we have had so far. Elder Allen a few other Elders and myself are going to a members house today. he invited us to try out his Ultimate Ninja warrior training course that he uses to train up and compete in the actual competition. He has been on the show and gotten relatively far, but has never won it. I don’t know his name yet but I hear he is a really big guy and a huge athlete. can’t wait to meet him.
Its amazing to hear from you and I cant wait to hear from you again. I’m sorry that ythe Email is a little long but I need to give you every thing now so I don’t forget. I’ll email you again as soon as I can but until then know that I love you and remember you in everything that I do.
P.S. The watch hasn’t stopped yet 🙂