First off. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! I hope that you get to celebrate with the rest of the family later today! Hope that you don’t get stuck in the office for too long. šŸ™‚

Elder Allen and I have been getting along great and we have stayed just as busy as before. I’m sorry that I didn’t talk about him, He has been in this area for some time and I am his first training missionary. He is from Mesa Arizona and just hit his 13 month mark. I told him that we used to live in Mesa and he thought that was pretty cool.
I’m sorry that I didn’t include my new address. It is 1359 N. Leverette Ave. #31 Fayetteville, AR 72704. Cant wait to get the letters from everyone!
We have been meeting with the same people this week and we ran into a few potential investigators. We are meeting with one of them, named Clayton,Ā tomorrow. The way we met him is kinda cool. In Fayetteville there is a free bus service that runs on weekdays and we use the bus to find new people to find and talk to about the church. Clayton recognized the name on our badges and asked us if we worked for the Seminary institute at the University of Arkansas. (by the way, I have been forced to become a Razerback fan against my will.) We said that we were missionaries, he said that he thought that it would be cool if we came by his house and taught him. So we set a time. He is my first potential investigator, I hope that he is willing to listen to us and learn about the gospel. We have also been meeting with a family theses past few weeks, named the Parks, they live in the same area as Elizebeth. They are a big family living in a small apartment and going though some hard times. But they are so receptive to the gospel, they read the scriptures with us, and believe that what we are teaching them is true. the problem is that they have a hard time getting to church atĀ 9:00Ā in the morning. Thats a little to early for some people.
Elizebeth came to church this past week and thought that it was great! she said that what she learned in really will stick with her and that she wants to come back. we told her that she is always welcome to church and that we would love to have her there again. Its really cool seeing people progress in learning and wanting to come to church and feel the spirit.
There is also an investigator that we have been meeting with for some time named Tom. He is a pretty interesting guy. He was born Jewish, then he went to several other religions but didn’t find what he was looking for. He has an interest in the Book of Mormon and has been reading it. his favorite story is when Nephi gets the brass plates from Laban. so we used that story to teach him about the gospel and to keep him reading the Book of Mormon.
I got to meet with an investigator last night named Demarkus. Elder Allen has been working with him for some time. So he was familiar with missionaries and what they do. He believes the Book of Mormon to be scripture and has faith that what we are teachingĀ is true but has not come to church even though missionary’s have invited him several times. I think it has something to do with loved ones not approving of the church but I’m not entirely sure. He is very spiritual and wants so bad, to come closer to Christ so I’m going to try my hardest to get him to come to church because I think that once he walks through the doors. He will feel at home with what we teach and will want to learn more.
I am loving the work that I am doing and want to do all that I can to bring as many souls as I can closer to Christ.
I love you all and want to hear from you every week.
Elder Zachary Nathan Tervort