Things have been amazing this past week! We had the one investigator get baptized by her Dad and got the opportunity to teach a new investigator. The baptism was (in my opinion) the highlight of the week. Her Dad performed the baptism and he, himself, was baptized only about 3 months ago. It was a day of great spiritual growth for their family and for me. I had the opportunity to give a talk after the ordinance was performed, on the Holy Ghost. I can tell that I’m getting better at speaking in front of crowds. People were coming up to me after the meeting and said that I did an amazing job and all the other missionaries that were there said that I did great. 

Its great to hear that everyone is doing well. I’m stoked to hear about Daniel getting married! Its too bad that I won’t be there to see it, but, tell them that I’m happy for them both and wish them the best. Also, tell Jody and Jared that I love them and that North and South Carolina is nice to them! 
Elder Alen and I met with a lot of different people this past week and a lot of them are very willing to learn about the gospel. One of these people is DeMarkus Lot. He has been meeting with the missionaries for some time now and he believes the Book of Mormon to be true. We have great discussions with him and he really takes to heart what we say.  The only problem is that we can’t get him to come to church. I’m not sure what his reason is but we are trying to get him to feel comfortable in a church setting. We are giving him a tour of the meetinghouse this week. Hopefully that will help him to come to church.
Thank you for all the letters you all have sent me. its a real comfort that there are people back home that love and support you. I’m not missing anything (that I have noticed.) but if something comes up I will be sure to tell you 🙂 
The new investigator that I mentioned before is named Clayton Williams we found him on the bus while out tracting and he has been looking for ways to strengthen his relationship with our heavenly father for some time and he feels that by meeting with us he can do so. We have only stopped by once so far, but, we will be stopping by again. I hope that we will want to meet with us more often and learn about the gospel.
I miss everyone and love you! I hope school will be good this year. (and no, I don’t miss it) 
Elder Zachary Nathan Tervort