Things were pretty good this week. The lessons that we gave were all great and I gave a few of them. They went well and I got the point that I was trying to make across, so that’s a success right? The tour of the church building with Demarkus fell through the cracks so we are just going to keep inviting him to the meetings until he finally does. The baptism that we had with Alexis was great, as mentioned in the previous email. 

Its really funny hearing about the whole car fiasco. did you get another car for Matt to drive? or did you work out something else? 
The funny thing is that Elder Allen and I are going though some problems involving getting around too. We were on our way to an appointment and while we were crossing the street, the chain on elder Allen’s bike snapped and fell off. we weren’t too far away from where we needed to be so we made it. but getting home was a real adventure. Elder Allen ended up just putting one foot on a pedal and pushing the bike like a scooter with the other foot. it worked pretty well because the brakes worked just fine but the whole situation was kinda funny. 
The weather has been a little odd around here. we have been woken up early in the morning because of thunder that shook the whole building and as soon as we leave the apartment its sunny and dry. But because it was raining the humidity goes through the roof. I don’t think I have ever sweat this much before. August, I hear, is the worst month when it comes to heat and humidity. 
We don’t have iPads… yet. We are getting some in September but its not getting the reaction that I would expect from the other Elders. The cars that the church lets some of the elders use are really nice. some of them are using the brand new Ford Fusions or the new Chevy Cruze, and they feel like ipads will just make them look like they are too rich and fancy. they want to keep the, somewhat, humble look that missionaries before them had. its kind of cool to see that opinion. I’m still exited because it will make record keeping sooooooo much easier 🙂 I am a little worried that I will drop it while i’m on my bike so i’m going to have to take some extra precautions. 
I got all the letters that the youth sent me and it was great to hear from them. I got to read some very strong testimony’s and some very humbling words. I was actually kind of surprised that so many people sent me letters. it felt good knowing so many people thought highly of me. I want to make them all proud of the work that I do.
Tell Addison that I said Hi!  (Addison is a missionary from our ward that just got home from his mission)
B.T.W Thank you for the package full of goodies Grandma! I don’t have to go shopping for a long time now!
Love you!
Elder Zachary Tervort