This week was pretty routine and we visited our investigators and got to talk to some people that were passing by. The people here are always looking for ways to come closer to God, and sometimes that really makes it hard on us. There are so many religions out here and such a large variety of people, that, sometimes it feels like we are just blending in with all the other churches that are around here that are trying to get as many people in their congregation as they can. Its sometimes frustrating when I walk up to someone and introduce myself and what I do just for them to say “I already have a church.” I find that statement a little sad. Sure they have a church, but do they have the truth? It’s the people like that, that I want to help the most. In order to do that I have been studying the bible a lot lately. I knew that this was the Bible belt but I really did not think about how little I knew about the bible until now. I am now much better versed in the bible than before and am able to better understand where all the other people are coming from with their believes. One scripture that I am coming back to a lot when teaching is 2nd Corinthians 13:1 “This is the third time I am coming to you. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.” This explains so much to me and clears up so many questions that people have about the church. And lets people know that the Book of Mormon is not an extension of the Bible or a revised version of it, but is the second witness to the Bible’s teachings. The teachings that are found in both the Book of Mormon and the Bible are the same and both bear testimony of Jesus Christ. My testimony has grown so much just from studying the scriptures and praying about their teachings. Speaking of teaching I have been using the index cards that Dad sent with me for lessons and they have been super useful for people that I meet on the streets and need a quick thought. 

I’m sorry that there haven’t been many pictures. My camera is acting weird about the fact that i’m in Arkansas and is putting me through a bunch of security measures to make sure that my account isn’t being stolen. and I cant pass the tests because I don’t have access to my normal email account. I’m going to keep working on it but if it doesn’t work out I might just have to start emailing the pictures. School is starting this week at the University this week and Fayetteville has become a crazy mess of uhaul trucks and scooters. Elder Allen and I helped a few people move into our complex and we introduced ourselves as missionaries and what we do and they seemed somewhat interested in what we had to say so we left them with our number and a Book of Mormon and we plan to call them this week.
I saw the car that you got for Matt. and It looks pretty slick with the work that you have done with it. Just Tell Matt not to go street racing with it. The funny thing is that you see a lot of cars that have had tons of body and paint work done to them, but don’t run well at all. you hear them rolling down the street with the engine squeaking and grinding and the stereo turned up to hopefully down out the sound. Its just funny to look at.
I promise to start taking more pictures and to send them to you any what that I can. Tell Austin that I said hey! (Again Austin is a missionary from our ward that comes home from Korea on Friday)
Love all of you!
Elder Zachary Tervort