This was part of his email to me
The accident with Sister Vea has really left an impact with everyone in the mission. I never met Sister Vea but it still was hard to wrap my head around the fact that she passed away. I will always wear a seat belt and wear a helmet so that I will be able to serve until my time here is up. Even if that’s kind of far away right now. But I have been keeping up with writing in my journal every night and when I flip through the pages I feel like I have been out here much longer than I actually have. It makes things feel like they are moving on and that time IS, in fact, moving. I also hear about the missionaries in Taiwan a little after ward but the cause of death had not been found yet. So thank you for filling me in on that.
This week is transfer week. This is the end of my first transfer and there are 17 transfers total in a two year period. so that’s a good way to keep track. Transfer 2/17, Things are going along!
We did not meet anyone new this week and the family that we were teaching has become a very odd case. The Mom went to North Carolina for an extended vacation, one of the brothers is now living with a friend, the other brother has gone to Chicago for a job and the sister is staying at home… yeah its a little odd. The entire family except for the brother that went to Chicago are members and he wants to get baptized.  So once we get info as to where he is staying we will forward his info to the missionaries that are out there.
We did not meet anyone new but we are making good process with the people that we have and we are always trying to find more.
love you!
This paragraph was in an email to Nathan.  Elder Osborne is the nephew of a lady in our ward.  He was in the car accident with the Sister missionary that died but he is okay. 
You mentioned Elder Osborne in your email. he came out from the MTC with me. I didn’t get to know him much because he was not in my MTC district and he was a little more quiet than the people around him. I was terrified to hear his name in the list of missionaries that were involved with the accident and was scared out of my mind when I heard that a sister was in critical condition and later passed away. It is a sad and humbling experience for me. I did not know Sister Vea and neither does anyone on my zone but the mood of things has changed. I feel like the whole accident has taught all the missionaries so many things. I have been studying the plan of salvation more and the knowledge that she is in a place of rest and peace is a great comfort to me.