Christina email;
 I heard that Dad got sick with a cold but I didn’t know that Matt got sick to. Tell him that he needs to get better quick! I hope that no-one else  gets sick. I haven’t gotten sick yet and I hope that I don’t ever get sick while i’m out here. I hear that missionary sick days are really bad because you don’t have anything to do in your apartment. Speaking of which, Elder Allen and I both got moved to a different place. we are still in the same area but were are living elsewhere. its a long story but I will try to make it as short as I can. The Elders that worked in the young singe adult ward both got shotgunned out and now there are two sister missionaries there. The YSA elder lived at a members house and there is a 22 year old man living there. The Sisters are not allowed to be alone in a house with a man that is above the age of 18 so the mission president moved us into the members home and the sisters into the apartment we were living in. the address is 6111 west Jana Pl. same city, same state, same zip code as before. I got the package that you sent me and I was so happy when I opened it and saw the pictures of the family. is that cardboard standee actual size? Am I really that tall? The food that you sent is already about half gone. because of the move I have been a little low on food because I could not pack it all with me. but we are going shopping later today so that problem is pretty much fixed.
Fayetteville has become a crazy mess of scooters, motorcycles and joggers. And the amount of traffic has become near impossible to work with on a bike. The city has defiantly changed there has been one football game so far but it was at Auburn so we didn’t get to see the absolute craziness of that yet. in fact we saw the opposite. there were no cars, no people walking just no-one was out during the game. it was kinda creepy almost.
The people in the ward are really nice and are very willing to feed us. There is hardly ever a time when we don’t have a dinner appointment and it is fantastic. Its kinda weird though. the ward is really young and full of new families. There is hardly a person over the age of 30. 
Labor day is really nothing different from a normal p-day around here so we haven’t planned anything different. I don’t know how we are going to be able to talk to people tonight because of today but I’m sure that we will figure something out.
tell the others I said hey and to get better soon.
Happy Labor Day!
Nathan’s email;
That’s awful that you got sick! Mom told me that you were in bed all day and that Matt has the same thing. The weather must be super weird if its raining that much in August. We have been pretty hot around here and are going though a pretty severe drought. A lot of the rivers around here have gotten so low that they aren’t flowing anymore and are just sitting there. We did get some rain yesterday and this morning so hopefully things will turn around. its a little odd that Utah lake is so low and its been raining that much, 
We don’t have a plan for Labor day. It will probably just end up be a normal p-day. Play some basket ball, go shopping for groceries later today. the usual. There is a family who is feeding us tonight, The Davidson’s, they are a younger family and they are really nice. The husband actually works at the University and the kids are both below the age of 5 and are pretty fun. Last time we were there they had family home evening with us and we shared a message and the kids were very well behaved and listened to us. 
We have a few investigators that are progressing well and have baptismal dates and seem to be on track. One of them is a guy named Tom Ferguson. We gave him the challenge to read that Book of Mormon and he finished it in about 3 weeks and wants to get baptized we just have to give him a few more lessons and, somehow, get him to quit smoking.If we can do that it will be great.
I’m trying my best to work hard and I know that I am because the watch hasn’t stopped yet. In fact I keep finding it running a little bit fast. I think its wound a little too tight. 🙂 Its crazy to think that you have been Bishop for 3 years. I didn’t think it had been even close to that long, at least, it doesn’t feel that way. Its even better that you don’t have to go to that many meeting this week. I suppose you just enjoy it while it here.
love you!