Letter to me

This week was a crazy one. The recent move to another place has been an adjustment and a bit of a time sink. The place that we live is about 6-7 miles outside our teaching pool and we have to bike out there every day and it makes it a little harder to use our time to the best effect, but, we have been making due and have been making good progress with our investigators. Tom (who I mentioned last week.) has been moving along nicely but we haven’t brought up the fact that he needs to quit smoking. We still have to talk about other things first. Our ward is planning a temple trip for the members and the family that I showed you the baptism pictures for is wanting to go and do baptisms for the dead. They are so exited and are actually looking up names in their family to baptize. 

Good to hear that everyone is getting over the sickness! Did Matt have to sing to that girl while he was sick or did he stay in the background while the choir sang the song? It’s really cool that he did that.  (He is talking about how Matt asked a girl to Homecoming)

I’m having a hard time thinking of anything that I want for my birthday that wouldn’t be a huge distraction. Thanks for the thought. It will be weird having a birthday out here and not having everyone around. that is my favorite part of any celebration in the family.
still working hard!
Letter to Nathan
how has your week been? I was told that you can do interviews with eight year old’s to give them tickets to go to the re-dedication of the Ogden temple. Has that kept you busy? We have been working closly with our investigators to get them closer to baptism and most are coming along great and we have a recent convert family wanting to go to the temple as soon as they can toy do baptisms for the dead. 

My companion and I have been on our bike a lot this week. the place that we a re living in now is a good ways outside our best teaching areas so we are having to bike an extra 45 minutes to get to them. My legs are really feeling it. I guess it has been a while since cross country season 🙂