Ok first off DON’T SEND ME A NEW CAMERA! The thing works just fine but I haven’t been very good at taking pictures and Microsoft is being a pain about letting me use it out here. I have just about got it fixed so I’ll attach some pics in the email. Sorry that I haven’t done that before but I just thought that this would have been resolved by now.

There is a sister in the district now named Sister Cooper and she is from Spanish Fork. She has been out about 5 months. I don’t know if that info means anything to you. I didn’t know her before because she went to maple mountain. Its still cool that there is someone from my hometown here.
The next few weeks look like they will be interesting for you. A cruise sounds really good right now and I wish that I could come. The funny thing is that the cruise that the whole family went on, the Disney Dream? The members that we are living with now have been on that same cruise for a family reunion. I told them about it and they thought that is was pretty neat.
This week has been VERY rainy and that rain suit has saved my life on multiple occasions already.  I know that I will be needing the winter coats pretty soon so thank you for the thought.
Elder Allen and I while looking though the closet that we are using came across a student Manuel for the old testament and I have been reading it almost every day and have been learning a ton about what the bible is talking about in Genesis through 2 Samuel. its an awesome book.
Our investigators are certainly taking steps. Sometime in not the right direction. Tom came to church on Sunday and he loved it. While another investigator said that he no longer wanted to take discussions because when he started reading the Book of Mormon bad things started happening in his life. Had to go to the doctor, family troubles, the works. He says that he is still open to coming closer to his Heavenly Father and that what we say is good but he just does not want us coming by anymore. It was pretty discouraging. Elizabeth (haven’t talked about her in a while.) was going though some trouble and has been trying to make some ends meet but it just kept getting worse and was about to move back to Mississippi out of necessity. Then through a series of events that were just to specific for it to be coincidental, everything came through and will be staying around in better living than she has had in years. She see’s Gods hand in it and thinks that we had something to do with it because she said that we have done nothing but done good things ever since we started talking to her.
The past couple of days have been rainy and wet and with all the biking we have had to do I have really been getting a workout and learning how to just deal with things. Its not ideal but I cant just sit around and let time go by. Something funny about you said about my legs getting bigger. Elder Allen has been having some pain in his knee so he called up the mission presidents to tell them about it . They told him to call a doctor who could diagnose over the phone and the Doctor told Elder Allen that his quads were getting so big that the muscle was pushing down on his knee cap and causing him pain. We both just thought is was so funny that you could actually get hurt from getting too big.
Love, Zach
He didn’t give any explanation for the pictures so your guess is a good as mine 🙂