From his email to me:

Sundays for us are our super busy days. We have to make sure that all our investigators have a ride if they need one, we have meeting in the morning and then we go back and check up on the investigators that came to church to answer any questions that they have and usually go on an exchange with someone in the ward. This Sunday was the same but this time we went into a house that had two cats… you can imagine what I felt like after wards and for the rest of the day. I have been taking medicine every morning to try to keep it under control but this time I forgot and things went went bad… Other than that this week was pretty good.

The picture in the truck was our district working at a local fair in a town called Huntsville. its a little north of Fayetteville and TINY only about 2,500 people total. I’m told that Fayetteville is one of the biggest city’s in the mission and one of the areas that everyone wants to get sent to. So I guess that makes me a blessed missionary to be serving here on my first area. I really do like it here and I would like to come back here and maybe go to a football game. that would be so cool. By the way we have had a home game and it is absolute chaos!!! It messes with our plans really bad because everyone is either at the game or is watching it and doesn’t want to be bothered so we have to get creative with what we do during those times. We tried walking around and talking to people who were on the streets but that didn’t get anywhere. Funny this that happened though, some people from another church were standing by one of the busier roads that people were walking on and were being really rude to people and calling them to repentance and yelling out what that person was doing wrong, waving signs blah blah blah. We thought about walking up to them and trying to talk to them but thought better of it. I just thought that it was funny that they would try to get people to join their church by telling people what is wrong with them.
Something else that is funny that happened. One of the Elders that is in the Fayetteville 1st ward is named Elder Hegstead and I did not connect the dots that he has the same name as Mr. Hegstead the High School art teacher at ALA. He showed us a picture of his family and I immediately recognized Mr. Hegstead in the pic. and found out that Elder Hegstead is his son! If Matt has any of his classes make sure to tell him because I think that its crazy that we ended up in the same mission.
Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you for the gifts !!!!  It means a lot and thinking back I don’t think that I thanked you for the last package either so…Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!
also say thanks to the girls for the package that you both put together.
Love you!
Letter to Nathan:
Thanks for the advice on the knee. I’ll have to tell him that. I wish that I was able to go to the open house for the temple I’m sure that it is even better than it was before. There is a spirit to the temple and I think part of it comes from how everything is built. Its always beautiful and there is a reverence there that you just cant match. Its too bad that there are no temples nearby around here. The closest ones are a days drive and is quite the trip for the people around here. It must take an enormous amount of faith for people to want to go to the temple that is so far away and is a two day ordeal is they want to do endowments. I am humbled by the unshakable faith of the people here. Most of them are converts and have stories to tell about how God changed them and what they were to what they are now.

We have been spending a lot of time lately visiting all the referrals that we have been receiving this past week. I don’t know why but our members have been telling us about all their friends that they think would want to hear the gospel. We have also been doing a bunch of service. We helped a guy in our ward work on the house he is building himself, we installed some of the insulation in the roof. Then we helped a family move from and into a new house. they are still in the ward but moved from an apartment into a house. we have been getting about 21 lessons in a week (sometimes more sometimes less.) and the standard is 20 so we are doing good about that and we have been going on a bunch of exchanges with the members. I don’t think that there is a day this week that we don’t have an exchange. the district is only three companionship’s: Fayetteville 2nd, Fayetteville 1st and the Fayettville YSA ward. The zone is about 10 companionship’s. the district leader for my district is Elder Allen and the Zone leaders are named Alder Durrant and Elder Corbidge. We email the President every week but the last time I spoke to him in person was at the beginning of this transfer ( about three weeks ago.)
Sounds like a cruise is a much needed vacation! I didn’t know that Larry left, that’s too bad. I had heard that BYU had been doing well, one of the members in the ward is a BYU fan so he keeps me updated. The Razor backs have been doing pretty well these past couple of games, they are 3-1 and the last three games have been blowouts. they are going up against Texas A&M this week in the Cowboys stadium, so, who knows how that game will go. Everyone keeps up to date with the Razorbacks around here and they keep me updated. Its useful info to start conversations and then transition into the gospel.
Love you.