Nathan’s email

The story with the girl (Alexis) was spoiled slightly by the fact that Elder Allen gave a small clue as to what we were doing and she put the whole scheme together before we could get it to her and when we handed it to her she said “I knew it!” she was still really thankful for the gift and was happy but I wish that it went according to plan…

We didn’t do much for my birthday with my district but we did do something for another Elders birthday that was a day later and it kinda became a party for all the missionaries that were around the same time. We had a BBQ at a nearby park and different missionaries brought different things. It went pretty well and everyone got some good food.
I got the picture of Mom petting the sea turtle. Its so cool that the water is so clear. Did you have to get a water proof case for moms phone to take that? or did you have a rented camera? speaking of cameras mine is still being really stupid. about the whole thing. I cant seem to get it to send me any kind of report so that I can verify myself and upload from the camera. It lets me into the one drive if I’m on the computer but not on the camera. i’m going to start uploading the pictures to one drive off the camera through the computer that should work.
I heard about Taysom Hill from a member that knew that I was from Utah and asked if I followed BYU and he told me the story. I hope that we will still be able to do well and go far in the season but losing the staring quarterback is a really heavy hit.
Thanks for the encouragement I know that my success is linked to what I do and how I act and I hope that I will be able to stay like that because Elder Allen is being transferred out and I am staying in Fayetteville and getting a new companion. Hopefully I wont mess up the work that has been done in the area already.
thanks for taking the time to send me emails. they mean a lot to me and give me that window into what is going on at home.
love you, Zach
My email
I have been having some fun this past week and have had the opportunity to hear from the prophet and have invited others to hear his word. Pretty good week. I have been talking with the family that we live with more lately and have found out that Bro. Renfroe has a very large library of gospel related books and literature. he showed us a chart that is a comprehensive genealogy of the entire earth from the times of Adam down to about the time of Joseph smith and he has shown me a few other book that I would love to read at some other date. they are great people and are a joy to be around.

I have found a small fix for the camera and pictures should be coming in in the next few days. and a video of me making a fool of myself trying to do a run on the Ninja Warrior coarse.
Tell Ellie and Matt good luck on the Choir performance. I know that they do a good job in that choir
I know that this email was a little short but I’m running out of time on the computer.  I wrote dad most of what happened this week so I’m not leaving you in the dark.
Love you!