Thanks for the Birthday wishes and the presents that you sent me! I had a hard time opening them at the correct time because I’m never home and just constantly here and there all day so I don’t have any down time but I was a good sport and didn’t open them early. Time HAS been flying by and I cant believe that I am about three months out, all the days just blend together and you have a hard time remembering what just happened yesterday. I’m glad that I’m keeping the journal because I cant remember most of what has happened out here. I have almost filled one of the journals up and I have a second one for when the first one runs out of room. All this writing has improved my handwriting a lot so I feel better about writing stuff down for other people. On that note, do you remember the pictures that I sent to you of the baptism? The girl that was baptized is doing so well and is making great progress in her spiritual growth, she has been using the Book of Mormon that the missionaries gave her some time ago and has nearly worn it out so she has been talking about getting a quad set like most of the missionaries have. Well there is a LDS book store in a nearby town, Sprigdale, that was having a sale on quad sets so all the missionaries in our district pitched in and got her a set and got her name embossed on the cover and all the missionaries that worked with her are signing it. We are going to give it to her next time we meet. It is going to be so cool. We don’t have anyone that is all that close to baptism at the moment. I have had the opportunity to extend baptismal invitations but none  of them felt like they would be able to be baptized at the moment so I will extend it again later.

General conference is next week and I don’t know what our plan is for it quite yet. the members that we are living with are named the Renfroes and they are an amazing set of people. they are empty nesters and are just so grateful to have missionaries in their home. Brother Renfroe wears a lot of hats when it comes to what he does. he does forensics for recreating a car crashes and has been in several big court cases against Ford and other large car manufacturers. creates designs for ATV’s and side-by-sides for a company that works out of china, so he goes there a lot. and sister Renfroe is super nice and served us dinner last night. I need to take pictures of their home because it is super nice.
We didn’t do much for my birthday yesterday but the district is going to the park later today and having a bbq because its was my birthday yesterday but it is also another elders birthday today! His name is Elder Porter and he has been out for about 22 months he is super cool and is very short and his companion is about 6’6″ so that does not help him.
I’m starting to really get the hang of this whole mission thing!  I would hope so because this transfer is almost up and Elder Allen is most likely to get transferred out so I am going to have to take over the area and get the new guy up to speed on what is going on here.
love you and miss you!