Letter to me;

Its funny I got the marriage invitation a few days before the wedding itself because I guess there was a mix up in the mission office with the mail, but its was awesome to get it. I remember the Draper temple a little I don’t remember a bunch but I do remember the sealing room and thinking it was an amazing. Tell them I said congrats and hi 🙂

So I have finally put some more pictures up on the drive (and the videos of me making a fool of myself.) I’m going to upload picture on a much more regular basis now but I just need to get better at TAKING them. Elder Allen is in one of the pictures of some of us hanging out on a p-day right before transfers. Elder Allen got sent to Grove, Oklahoma and I’m staying in Fayetteville with an Elder Anderson as my new companion. He has been out about 16 months. We have been working really hard this past few days to get up to speed with everything that is going on in the area. I still don’t have that good a grasp on how this whole Missionary thing works but I think i’m getting the hang of it. Elder Allen was a good missionary and he stayed in this area for a long time so now I have to fill his shoes somehow.
No new investigators and nothing really new to talk about with the investigators that we have already. We are making good progress with some but baptism is still a ways off for them.
I saw the email about the earthquake. I didn’t feel anything about it we have been getting a bunch of flash flood warnings because of all the rain. It has been raining for about 3 days straight and we have gotten pretty wet. I’m not sure the rain shell I have is completely water proof because I am getting soaked underneath it.
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I’m going to find some of that water proofing spray to use on the shell but the weather is getting much colder now so if you could send out my winter stuff that would be great. 🙂
Love you! Zach
letter to Nathan
Daniel and Kailee getting married is awesome news and I’m super happy for them! Glad that the weather there is better than we are getting here. It has been raining for several days straight and doesn’t seem to be letting up. So the fact that it was clear on a day like that is good to hear. Tell the family that I’m doing well and that the work is going forward.

Funny that you mention the sacrament because our ward has been talking about the importance of the sacrament and is the reason that we come to church. I tend to forget why i’m partaking of the sacrament and what it really means. So hearing and leaning all this is really taught me about what I am really doing. My overall knowledge of the gospel has grown very quickly since coming out here and really comes in handy when I need to talk to people about what we believe as a church.
Keep the Emails coming! I love reading them.