I got the coat and shoes and they are awesome! The coat keeps the rain off me really well and is super warm. Its going to be good weather for a few days but this winter is supposed to be brutal so the winter stuff is much appreciated 🙂

The coarse (american ninja course) that he built is really impressive and is really hard to complete entirely. I have new respect for the people that are on the show and do half well. Getting soaked in rain is becoming more the regular lately but we have ways of getting around that are dry so we don’t have to worry much about it, until Sunday’s or football game days when the buses don’t work normally!
Elder Anderson (his new comp) is a good missionary from twin falls Idaho and has been out about 16 months. He got into the swing of things pretty quick but I was pretty stressed out when he got here. We get along fine. I’m not looking forward to the companion that I wont get along with though…
I know that Katelyn will be a great missionary and the fact that her stutter is getting better is a sign to me that she is being prepared to share the gospel. I think about the times that she has shared spiritual thoughts at youth night and stood in sacrament meeting and feeling the spirit as she testified what she knew to be true. She will bring the same spirit into other peoples lives.
Your advice on momentum makes a lot of sense to me. The fact that we need to keep on someone and keep them going so that they don’t stop is an idea that I’m going to use now. We are kind of in the situation that you described in the email. We have Investigators that aren’t going anywhere and we keep seeing the same people. I don’t know if they will move along so fasting will help us find the new blood that we need.
the stuff that you sent me for winter is all great!  The coat keeps water off me and is so warm that I almost fell asleep in a members car one time while wearing it. haha!
Elder Anderson is a hard working missionary and we have been able to bring back some interest in our investigators, like that momentum you were talking about. He is from Twin Falls Idaho and has been out 16 months.
I’m not planning on slowing down yet. I’m only getting started