Hey Dad!

Thanks for the doughnut recipe. I have been wanting to make it for a while but I didn’t want to just take a shot in the dark and burn down the members home. so much appreciated 🙂
The idea of the priesthood brethren watching out for one another is something that I feel like could be shared with the ward that I am in. we have a total of 3 deacons and even fewer teachers and priests and that story of that one youth whose actions brought all those young men to the  church is amazing and an example that you don’t have to be wearing a name badge to be a missionary.
Funny thing about the coat this week. I haven’t been able to wear it! The weather has been staying around the low to mid 70’s. Which is perfect for biking around town, but not so much for a heavy coat. Things will start to cool down soon though so i’m happy to have it!
This week has been one of the most eventful of the mission! The highlights of the week are things that I would love to tell you but I am sending you actual letters to tell the stories. One thing that l’ll tell you is that I got to meet some people that you might recognize :p I also got to meet a new family that I found through a new form of finding I invented. That is also in the letter and I think you will think its pretty funny.
As far as the mission getting tablets goes. We are completely in the dark. I heard that we we supposed to get them back in spring and that didn’t happen, then we heard September and that never happened, now there is a rumor going around that we will be getting them on Wednesday’s Zone conference but I don’t know how much truth there is to that.  So I just don’t know.
Have I teased you enough in this Email? Hope so!
Love you!
Hi Mom,
Thank you! (I sent him a recipe)

I have been trying to cook more because boxed meals are getting old and I want to do better on the money spending $$$ and I think that buying ingredients will go further that just one box of mac-and-cheese 🙂
I sent a few things that happened this week to Dad but I think it fair to warn you… be expecting a call from the wife of someone you recently saw on t.v. I wish that I could see your reaction! you will flip. Unless that has already happened in which case… surprise!
Also, i’m sending some letter withing the next few days so keep a look out for those.
love you and thank you!
Zach 🙂
I will post his letter here with all this exciting info when it comes.  Also, I haven’t gotten a phone call.  Whenever I do I will post who it is from!!