Wow you sound busy! those Sundays are really just your busy days aren’t they? I kinda get it though, Sundays are some of the crazy days for us as well. we go to the Ward council in the morning and then church and we try to see if any of our investigators made it and if they didn’t make sure to visit them later that day and talk to them about it. and then going out for the rest of the day doing the usual missionary stuff makes it a little different than all the other days of the week. Matt is in Mission Prep class now? i didnt know that, is he getting to go out with the others that are in the class and teaching the members? Are they still doing that? Doing that has been one of the biggest helps to doing missionary work and I am so glad that I was in that class.

Talking to people in general has gotten easier since coming out. I never really though about it until now but I guess that your right, I have been growing in that aspect, I think that I have grown in many areas and I know that all this experience is only going to help SO much later in life. Talking to 100 people might be a little out of my range but I think that I can get there if I keep trying.
I got to talking about the truck to Elder Anderson, who is HUGE into cars and especially trucks, and he knew exactly what the knock sensor was and was able to make sense of what I told him about what you did to fix it. (I have no idea what that part does.) and he also asked me if you would do anything else to it and OI said that I would ask but I guess you answered that question already. Sounds cool.
The service that we have been doing has been helping a member in the Fayetteville 1st ward build his house. the Elders in that ward and us have been working on it with him and we have gotten a bunch done. I should take some picture next time I’m there so you can see. We put insulation in the roof and put the floor down in the second story now we just need to get the stairs build up to the second story because we have been using a temporary set as of late. its pretty fun to work on the house and see  it come along and its really cool because the house has never had a building crew come by and do it. it has always been missionaries that have worked on it, and I think that its cool that I got to put my own work into this house that so many have helped to build.
I’m having so much fun out here working and meeting all these different people. I was worried that two years might be to long, but now I’m thinking it might be to short… did you ever feel the same way?
Having fun
Hey. so the story with telling you about the accident is  one of the letters that I wanted to send. It was the story about how it happened and I just skipped mentioning it in the email so that the letter would be news to you and send you a picture of me after the accident so that you would have a physical copy of the picture but I thought better of it and decided to just tell you.  I only went to the emergency room because Sister Shumway made me, she wanted to make sure that there wasn’t any glass in me and that I didn’t have a head injury. I wouldn’t have gone if it were up to me and it just ended up being a big wast of time because that doctor just did some basic things to make sure that there were no broken bones and asked me a few questions. He told me that I was fine and released me. I mentioned before that there was some glass stuck in my arm but I got that out myself and the doctor said that I did a good job with it so nothing really came of me going to the E.R., just two hours wasted.

In regard to the letters, I want to send you a picture that I took with Elder Bednar (I’m sure that Sister Bednar talked to you about that) and the picture of me a little bit beat up from that car but the envelopes that I have are not big enough to fit The pictures inside it so that’s kinda on hold until I can get some bigger envelopes. I have been in meetings all day today so I wasent expecting to get to email at all today and didn’t bring my camera with me, so no pics that I can give you at the moment. Doubley sorry about that 😦
Thanks for wanting to send me a package. It is supposed to get into the thirty’s this week so the warm clothes are much appreciated. the only this that I would need other than that would be a new Helmet. I thought that it was fine but Brother Renfroe (The member that we are staying with) does forensics and he took a look at my helmet and told me that I really should get a new one, so I want to take his advice. Some really warm socks would also be nice.
Transfers are next week and it has me slightly worried. I have been in Fayetteville for a while and it means that I am more likely to get moved. I don’t know for sure what will happen but it’s a possibility.
Love you!