So it is a little cold this week but the warm cloths that you sent me are keeping me from freezing to my bike. in fact I get a little hot when I’m biking around all day in the coat. but after we stop and go inside an investigators home and then go back outside things get cold again but I’m alright and am staying warmer than I though that I would 🙂

Did you know that you are FREAKING hilarious? When I opened the package and saw the envelopes Elder Anderson and I just bust up laughing so I just took the photos and put them in there and put them in the mailbox so they are now on the way, I promise.
I guess that its a good thing that the recipes didn’t get put in there. I am getting transferred to Centerton, Arkansas. Its just a little north of Fayetteville so it wont be that big of a shift. I’m not sure if I will be on a bike still but I have a feeling that I will be so those winter cloths are getting put to good use 🙂
I hope that Matt has a good time with the Basketball team. Maybe they will have a good season this year? here’s hoping. Wait… Ellie is in Junior High? 0_o that only just hit me now… that’s really weird. TELL HER TO STOP GROWING!
I cant wait to get to the new area. I will get you the new address as soon as I can so that you can send me more stuff 🙂 I’m going to get better with letters (and actually SENDING them.)
having fun
So I found out that I will be transferred this week. I’m going out to Centerton, Arkansas which is just a little north of Fayetteville. I told a few people in the ward this past Sunday and they said that its the Provo of Arkansas because there are just so many members up there. One of the people that I told was the Bishop Stennet. He is over our ward and I told him after we got out from Ward council and he then asked me (in sacrament meeting from the pulpit) if I would come up and bear my testimony. So I got up and it was like standing in sacrament meeting at home for my farewell. I have really come to love the people here and leaving is going to be hard. I would love to came back here and see these people again in some way. (going to school here would be pretty cool.)

Funny that you mention the streets getting bad. Arkansas got about and inch of snow yesterday and everyone freaked out and didn’t want to drive. They are not well prepared for snow at all down here. So its funny when people say that they got a ton of snow but its nothing to those of us that are used to the snow. I’m not sure if I will be on a bike in my next area but at least I’m prepared for the worst of it. That package with all the winter stuff in it got here on the same day as the new helmet so I was able to use them for a few days and the gloves really help. The hat is really cool. I love that I can just pull that face cover down whenever I need it and it does a really good job at keeping my face warm.
You got to go up to the press box!? I always have wanted to go up there and now that I know that there is a buffet and that they serve ice cream, I want to go even more! (Nathan & I went to the BYU game and got to sit in the press box)
I have been wearing that watch everyday and have always looked at the engraving on it and used it motivation to keep going. It still hasn’t stopped and I don’t ever want it to stop because that would mean that I am failing and wasting my time. My hope is to keep it going until the end and then walk up to you when I get off the plane and say “I never wasted my time.” and i’ll know because that watch is still going.
working hard and gearing up for something new.