So the new area is pretty fun and the members that I have met are all very welcoming and are doing a good job of giving us stuff do do and people to go and see. and they are always looking to go with us to go and see investigators or less actives that are way out of the way. We have a car share but only for 2 days out of the week so we are on bikes still and the rain that we got over the weekend was very character building but yesterday and today have been pretty nice. the coat actually looks really good with a suit. I like to highlight the tie that I am wearing by zipping up both zippers, one above the other, makes it look professional.

I actually haven’t met the bishop of the ward yet even though its tithing settlement. I guess he got sick this past Sunday and he couldn’t make to to church but could still do tithing settlement later that day. I don’t get it
there isn’t much to talk about yet because I haven’t been here long so this email will be a little short. sorry 😦
I’m glad that you got the pictures, thanks for not posting the one of Bednar.

Not a whole lot is going on this week because of the new transfer but I am having a good time with the members that are here. We have thanksgiving this week with two family’s and they are both seem very nice and take good care of us all the time. Speaking of family can you give a big hug to Tiffany and tell her happy birthday for me. thanks
not a ton to write home about so this will be very short, sorry 😦