My thanksgiving was pretty good but I didn’t get to eat as much as I would have liked. The family that we were eating with had some candy corn on the table to hold us over until the food was ready and I ate a few too many and paid for it. I only got one plate down and couldn’t eat dessert. Darn it…

Elder Bailey is my comp (did I tell you that last week?) and  the area is pretty awesome. The members around here are very close to the missionaries and we are always doing service some way or another, one of the members (cant remember the name at the moment) knows Tommy and he told me that he was having twins. I was so surprised I was going to ask you if they were having girls or boys or both but I guess I will figure it out next week.
Dad is sick? That really sucks, tell him that I said hey and that I hope that he gets better.
I bet that the talks that you all gave was an interesting time. I haven’t needed to give a talk in this area yet but I’m getting better at giving talks though so I don’t feel AS nervous standing in front of people and talking to them.
You sound very busy this week and the amount of things that everyone is doing is getting crazy with the holiday season coming up, try not to have a nervous breakdown 🙂
Have fun!
Elder Tervort