Mom and Dad,
Well now I feel bad for not cluing you in on ANYTHING so you giving the questions are pretty helpful 🙂  (I was super specific with my questions this email so that is what he is talking about)

1.Our apartment is in one of two apartment complexes in town and it is the nicer of the two. The reason that we are living there is because the other complex had a VERY high crime rate and a number of large scale drug busts have taken place there. Also the building that the missionaries stayed in before us burned down last year… I’m glad to be where I am
2. Elder Bailey is from Reno Nevada and he is a total clown! He gets along well with everyone here and what little people that we are able to teach right now and is always looking to help someone in some way.
3. I started opening it on the 14th (like it said to do.) and Elder Bailey is getting a little jealous of all the gifts that people are sending me. Thank you so much for it! (He is talking about the twelve days of Christmas I sent him)
4. The ward is a little all over the place. We have had several missionary homecomings and several more that are looking to leave, but we also have family’s that are expecting children so there is a good variety.
5. I actually got an email from President Shumway today about how that would work. Christmas Day we can call you on Skype or face-time and they ask if we limit the call to 30-45 minutes. (Don’t know WHY but fine.) and we are going to be with a family in the ward named the Homers for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. so I will most likely be calling from there.
6. Our apartment Complex has a clubhouse that has computers that are open to the public to use and we just go down there to email but some other times we go the stake center and email from the family history center that’s there with other missionaries.
Well it sounds like Matt has had a very “eventful” basketball game. It would have been hilarious to go to that show and see him walk on stage in a basketball uniform and then sing Carol of the Bells and then run off stage and go back to a basketball game and then repeat the process. The Christmas Spirit show was always good and that would have only made it better.
Its cool that the basement is getting finished. It will be great coming back to that. Maybe I’ll move into the basement 🙂
Thanks for the encouragement I have been having a harder time in this area than in Fayetteville. everyone is being a jerk about being gone for the holidays.
I hope that everyone has a good Christmas.