I can totally work with 2-3 I don’t have any time where it really wouldn’t work so I will be sure to see you then! 🙂

(This is the story of how we got the picture of him at the gym)
The story of us at Bro. Hanson’s Gym (High Rise.) Bro. Hanson told me that he was setting up a gym hear Fayetteville but I didn’t know where but then a member that knew Elder Bailey from  another time came down and he told us about this trampoline place and that we should check it out. It was the same place that Bro. Hanson had mentioned and while we were there one of the owners came in and started taking some measurements on a few things and he started talking to us and we got on the subject of where were from and when I said Spanish Fork he asked if I knew Zane Hansen and I said that he was my neighbor. The guy we were talking to (cant remember the name) then texted Bro. Hanson and Bro. Hanson wanted him to take a picture so he did and now here we are. Kind-of a cool story.
I got the package and now the tree that I have in the apartment is surrounded by presents. its a little funny.
Mom told me that the videos worked for the Christmas devotional last night. I was a little scared that it didn’t work.
Aside from that we have had a little more success this week, we got a referral for a gut named Brennon and he seems really promising. We have met with him once and he came to church yesterday and is looking to get a better pair of scriptures as soon as he can. Its cool to see after such a really long time of NOTHING.
Aside from that not a bunch has happened this past week but this week is going to be really fun. We have a Christmas zone conference tomorrow and I’m looking forward to that and of course Christmas is this week sooooo that will be fun.
I hope that Christmas at home will be great…. even though I’m not there 🙂