Well it looks like Dad’s cousin was right (Nathan has a cousin that lives in the area and I contacted her about Zach being there now), in the few days that I have been here I have been having a bunch of fun and work. My comp. Elder Madson is a really funny guy and the Elders that serve in the area right next to us are really funny too. Their named are Elder Bullpit and Elder Reynolds. We work with each other a lot and so we all became friends quick. Oh and by the way, Garth Brooks’ house is in my area, I’v seen it… its freaking ridiculous how big it is but its also gated so I cant just walk up and “track” the house out and play stupid when he answers the door. (that would be cool though) he also has a lot of land and wherever you drive you are on the other side of his fence. (He knows his mother well that he has already found the house!)
I’m curious, are you going to Kansas city with Matt or is he just going with the school? That is how he has done things in the past but I was just wondering. Also is Steph a level nine or has she moved up? It would be cool to see video of her at the meets, so could you send me some? I don’t thing I have ever seen her in a high level competition.
Six months…its hard to think that it has been that long but I look outside and see the weather and say, yep its been that long. I cant wait for it to warm up again but at the same time i don’t because it gets s muggy. So basically it never gets to a comfortable temperature with the humidity in the air.
Things are looking up around here and I cant wait to get started.
love and miss you!
With transfers happening on New Years Day I would have to say that I share the thought that nothing feels different about this year. All i know is that I will be doing missionary work all of this year, no breaks, so i just need to keep my head down and work and not look back, that has been a bit of a problem lately with my last area being as slow as it was but Owasso is all together different. There are several investigators that we are working with on a very regular basis and Elder Madson is a goofball but really like to just go out and work. The guy makes me laugh daily.
Your right about the freezing weather around here and the freezing rain is something that I’m really not used to. It happened during the transfers and it slowed us down a good bit and all the cars had a solid shell of ice on them. When it happens again I’m going to take some pictures because its just that weird.
The one thing that I can thing of is that I am being taught patience. I wish that I had more people to teach but I need to work in order to get there and when I have that THEN I get will hopefully get what I want. This new area has several investigators that are open and willing to listen to what we have to say but I just need to meet them all first.
Here’s to a new year, hopefully it will be a time of new beginnings for everyone.
love you