Surviving the cold starts with having a good waterproof coat and some good gloves and a hat. Also having a car helps too 🙂 it actually rained yesterday and a little bit of last night but it didn’t end up freezing even though we have had weather in the twenties and below.
This week has been, at the very least, eventful. one of the highlights of the week was that I got to meet two investigators named Harold and Sally and I’m not too sure how long they have been meeting with missionaries but they do enjoy us coming over and talking to them. they come to church and they said that this church is really something different and that they always learns something new and they know that the things that we teach them are true so we talked to them about the gospel of Jesus Christ and then invited them to baptism and they seemed very apprehensive at first but then the husband Harold said “I would like to be baptized but if I go into this, I am going in 100% so I don’t want to get baptized now because I need to be able to be completely converted to this.”  Its amazing because he wanted to not only make sure that he wasn’t making a rushed choice be he wants so bad to be on the strait and narrow path and what he said brought the spirit into the room and I don’t even really know this guy!
I guess that things have been pretty nice/crazy for you because if the whole stake presidency moving around. I never thought of the selection process of the stake presidency as a rushed thing. I thought that the area 70 would do the whole thing but I guess not. its a cool incite to how the church works.
by the way I completely forgot to give you my mailing address (I think iv done that every time I have been transferred)but its 15811 E, 99th st. N. Owasso, OK 74055
things are really looking better in this area and Im excited to be working again.
So I how emailing works here is that we go to a library and do it there but we have only an hour to do anything and yesterday the session timed out while I was writing this email. We came back today so that we could do family history and I finished the email and sent it to you. Happy Tuesday!
Funny thing about the ward that I am serving in is that the ward itself is pretty new. it used to be part of a ward called Ranch Creek but they split and now there is a new ward called the Owasso ward (super creative name.) and Many of the members here used to live in Utah and so when people ask me where I’m from they actually know what I’m talking about. another thing about this ward and Utah is the fact that many family’s have the same names as many Utah city’s out Bishops name is Bishop Ogden there is a family named the Layton’s and a family named the Lindon’s… its a little weird to here those names and then not think about home but I found out that the Layton’s family DID settle Layton, Utah so I should ask the other family’s if that is the case.
WOW it sounds like Clayton got messed up. Snowboarding is fun until you have a little episode like that and then its just weird that you would go through that and then get back up and then do the same trick again and probably crash again. Either way if you could tell him that I said I hope he gets better soon. (His cousin Clayton had a snowboarding accident)
Everyone else seems to be doing something crazy like going to Kansas playing basketball or doing gymnastics so by extension you seem Very very very very bust going to all these things.
When I reply to your emails I kinda go through and read each paragraph and come up with a response, usually not in order but it seems to work. but I have been thinking about my relationship with Heavenly Father and how I need to be a better tool in his hands but I cant do that unless I listen to him first. So I have been trying to follow all the smaller rules that I didn’t think had much importance. thanks for writing that. its become very obvious to me that Heavenly Father is trying to tell me something and now I get it.
thanks again 🙂