So we got another picture texted to us from a member.  This is Zach and his companion Elder Madson.  I have no other details about the picture 🙂


This picture actually has a pretty cool story to go with it!  So this last weekend Matt was in Kansas City , MO for a show choir competition.  While the Matt and his friends were all sitting around another kids comes up to them and asks if they are the kids from Utah and ALA.  The kids and said he had wanted to go to ALA but his family moved because they were called and mission presidents to the Oklahoma Tulsa mission…  Matt immediately asked if his name was Shumway.  Of course it was so Matt said “Hey my brother is in that mission!”.  So the Shumway’s son called his dad and told him the situation.  President Shumway said well I have Elder Tervort right here!  So Matt and Zach got to “talk” with each other through the Shumways 🙂  This is Matt and The Shumway’s son 🙂