So this week was a little different because we began he week slowly in terms of lessons taught and by Saturday we had only taught 11 lessons total and the standard is 20 and Elder Madson wasn’t to happy about it so he called the Elders in the neighboring ward (Ranch Creek) and found out that they were even worse off, having only taught 9 lessons the entire week so we decided to do a “Blitz” I don’t know if you have ever done anything like this before on your mission but its when two companionship’s get together and all go into each others area and do everything that they an to get lessons in. The four of us first went into Ranch Creeks area and while myself and Elder Bullpitt (one of the Elders in that area) went to an appointment my comp (Elder Madsen) and Elder Reynolds went tracking in that neighborhood and we just did that all day each others areas and by the end of the day the four of us had taught a total if 17 legitimate, meaningful lessons. Needless to say, be the end of the day I was exhausted and slept like a rock that night.  It was a good day and we met the standard.
Funny thing about the basement and it progressing slowly, I cant help but feel like the same thing can apply to people that we are teaching. They are progressing and they are understanding what we are trying to teach them (which is a miracle in and of itself) but they move slowly and it gets to a point where you know that thy are ready for baptism but they are still hesitant and it gets even worse when they get hung up on something that really doesn’t matter, they sweat the details. They will get there one day but it might be a while and all you can do is just put your head down and keep going.
I feel like this week has been a much needed pick up in my mission and it can only get better from here.
Love you Dad
Good Morning Mom!
I am far better than fine because I had a good week and a great Saturday. I said this in the Email that I sent to Dad but I want to tell it again because its really cool. We had only taught 11 lessons throughout the week up until Saturday and Elder Madsen wasn’t to happy about it so he got a hold of the Elders in the Area right next to us and we went around and taught different people in the two areas with all four Elders at the same time. One set would go into an appointment and teach while the other two would go around and either knock doors or do something called “OTMing” its just a bit of Jargin for street contacting because OTM can stand for Open Thy Mouth but its also the initials for the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission. We did this all day Saturday and by the end of the day we had taught 17 lessons. That never happens so I feel good about this week.
Sound like all the different meets and games that you are going to are really keeping you busy. Its fun to watch  basketball game but just sitting around for that long must get really tiresome but it does sound like everyone is getting really really good at their spots and some are becoming the star players. Don’t let that get to their heads (Tiff.) 😛
My sunday was nothing too great but I’m glad that you had a spiritual experience! I don’t know when Stake conference is around here yet so it might be a while before that happens but I did go to a fireside that talked about some of the doctrine behind Temples and the guy teaching it is a sealer in the temple so he has spent so much time there that he is able to answer most questions and tell you some of the cool stuff that’s in the scriptures about Temples.
I had a good week this week and hope to have another good one.
love you!
PS Heaven help us all… Stephanie Tervort is behind the wheel…