Mom and Dad,
What’s even cooler about that day (the one when they taught 17 lessons) is that we are now making it a once a week thing on Saturday and we did it again  and had some more success, about 11 lessons, so not as much success but still a good day. I know that there were a few who wanted the missionaries to come back but they were in the other Elder’s area. The investigators that I talked about the last few weeks, Harold and Sally, are going to be baptized this Saturday and are crazy excited about it. All that needs to happen is the baptismal interview and it will be official. Everybody in the ward loves them and they might as well be a part of the ward already because they are always there and always participating and just loving being there. But yesterday (Sunday) was amazing for a number of reasons. We have been talking to a returning member and this past week he brought a friend to church. He (the friend) had never been in a Mormon church before and he walked in while we were singing the opening hymn. When the sacrament got passed he took the bread and started to cry and as he was listening to the testimony’s you could visibly see the spirit working on him. Towards the end of the meeting he said to the member that brought him “can I go up there?” and Ryan just said “Do you want to?” and he said that “something is telling me to.” so he stood up and went to the pulpit. He bore a testimony of thanks and gratitude to all the people in the building and then he went back down and all the while he was walking down the aisle people were shaking his hand and thanking him for his testimony. His name is H*****, he is a Navajo Indian and he has fallen under some bad times. He currently is homeless and is going to school for welding and he just hides his welding gear away throughout the day and goes to pick it up when he goes to school. He is trying his hardest to be strong and get help but everything has been robbed from him. He doesn’t even have ID to apply for financial aid because it was stolen from him. But even after all this he tries to never ask for money or hand outs. The way that he met Ryan was him asking for some food just to get through the day which he did and they got to talking and Ryan invited him to come to church with him. He agreed and then he came today and after sacrament meeting we met with him in a classroom with Ryan and he told us his whole story. We gave him a blessing and as soon as we were done I will always remember what he said “What did you do to me?” he said that he felt so calm and reassured that everything will be okay. All he has to do is finish this last week of welding school and then everything else will work out. This week is his “final exam” and if he fails he cannot become a welder because they wont let you take the test again, ever. He said now he feels so much better and feels like he can get through it.  It was a fantastic Sunday and he said that he will be coming back next week.
Today is the 7 month mark of leaving and people are now starting to say that I’m an older Missionary (or you could say and Elder lol.)
The most recent Zone training meeting was this past week and it was also interviews with President and Sister Shumway and I told them about what happened that Saturday with 17 lessons and they took notes and wanted to tell the other missionaries in the mission about it.  President also complimented me on my new hair style. Yeah pictures 🙂
I have a newly renewed vigor to “sew seeds.” and I am looking to make a difference somewhere.
working harder than ever
Zach 🙂