I heard about Grandma Nona from Dad, I spent some time this morning to think about it all and, I don’t want to say that I’m over it but I have accepted that fact that she is gone and I wont see her for a while, but I’m okay with it. I’m going to do a sort of mini memorial on Thursday at noon for her funeral. I remember Aunt Grace (This is my Aunt) but not all that well. But it still is sad that she has passed on as well. I looked up Ponca City (where my Aunt lived) and its not in our mission but its only just outside the boundaries.
I’m happy that president had a good report for me. You always feel like there are just eyes staring at your back constantly and you know that if you do something that somebody doesn’t like they will report it strait to President and he may or may not tell you about it. I’v been called in before (about something good not bad) and that scared me to death. I really don’t want to be on his “bad list”
I am tempted to write “what new mission president?” but I cant do it because THAT’S ALL PEOPLE TALK ABOUT! even President Shumway is talking about his time almost being up and how he wants to finish strong and how we need to be prepared for whatever changes will come about from the new president. I will get him at my year mark almost exactly so half and half with two mission presidents will be interesting.
That D&C (Doctrine and Covenants 68:6, I sent it too him) verse is actually Sister Shumway’s favorite verse and she like to let everyone know it. I have heard about it almost every time I have met with her because, lets be honest, Missionary work is demotivating and you tend to get a little down.
Love you!!