I need to say sorry for not emailing yesterday, we were down in Tulsa and we needed to get our cars oil changed and tires rotated then we were hanging out with the YSA branch in Tulsa and the Assistants to the president. It was so great being with them but we went a bit to long and needed to go to an appointment right after and by the time that we were finished we needed to get back home. so that’s my fault but the appointment was with an investigator that we recently found. his name is Zach R*** (Awesome name) and we ran into him while we were going down the less active names on the ward roster. He was living in a house that a member used to live in but never got his records moved. We started talking and left him with a Book of Mormon and he read a large amount of it and had a bunch of questions. After we talked to him about the restoration he started asking about baptism and how we do it and after we explained that we asked if he would like to be baptized and he said yes… I wish EVERY investigator I worked with was this easy and open. We just need to get him to give up some habits and he should be good.

We had a zone conference this past week and I talked to President about not getting a phone call about Grandma and he said that he had a good conversation with Dad. but when I asked about why I wasn’t told about it and that’s when he got a really confused look on his face and and then he asked “I never called you?!” and when I said no he hugged me and said that he was so sorry and that I had every right to be mad, he explained that he had several missionaries family members die within a very small amount of time and he thought that he had already called me skipped over my name on the list. He didn’t give an excuse because he was sorry about it and said that he should have called me. I’m ok now but it was a little… distressing, if that’s the right word. Its fantastic that the funeral went well.

The investigator that we had in gospel principals is named J*** H*** and he is dating one on the young women in the ward and he started coming to church a while ago but only recently started talking to us and he has been having a great time in church and we actually have a lesson with him later today.  He asked us after church if he could meet with us so he could asked questions and have a more one-on-one lesson. He is awesome and I can see him getting baptized within the next month or so.

Tell Hunter I said hey and that we are going to be next door neighbors! (A kid in our ward got called to Tennessee Nashville Mission)

Love you!