I am indeed still alive and no I did not see any tornadoes but they were all over the place. I took some video of the weather outside and it was pretty crazy. I didn’t see any of the golf ball sized hail that was reported but we did get the Tornado sirens in Owasso to go off and I guess that was a big deal because they hadn’t gone off in like 6 years.what I didn’t expect was for everyone to be so calm when all of this was happening. I was fine during all this because these people know what they are doing when it comes to a tornado.  We still moved on Thursday and as tradition for transfer day, it rained and that was the extent of the weather on that day. I haven’t had to do any service regarding the tornadoes yet because the areas that I am in now didn’t get any significant damage. A tornado storm is not like anything you have ever seen. First off you get these things called “cells” and that is where a tornado is likely to show up. The clouds are spinning in a very ominous way and it gets dark, I mean really dark, really fast. Then the sky turns a weird shade of dark green the wind picks up and lightning like you have never seen rips across the sky making it look like mid-day for half a second before getting really dark again.  The thunder is constant and just keeps rolling for a really long time, its nuts.  This past week I saw a storm chasers car! Hey Dad, do you remember the truck bed liner that we used for the inside of the Jeep? Just imagine that all over the body of a Suzuki sidekick. I got a picture of it because it was so weird looking. and it gave me nightmares for trying to get the stuff off… The horror…
Aside from the terrifying storms. Does this mean that Steph is going up to level 10? I mean, it would be really cool. and why is it that everyone is going to be so old when I get back? that is going to take some getting used to.
My new Companion is Elder Connor and he was in the MTC with me in a different district, and if there is one way to describe him is he just does not stop working and the past few days I have come back to the apartment completely spent. He is from Logan Utah. My new address is 250. N Madison Apr. #E Siloam Springs, Ar 72761.  Maybe I’ll stay here for a while. Its really pretty here, lots of trees and cool looking historic buildings its like back home almost just a lot more hills, but that’s what you get in the Ozarks
(I got a new job working for JetBlue and immediate family gets some pretty sweet flight benefits)
We get to fly anywhere that JetBlue flies for free? Well if you ever get the chance to go to the Grand Cayman islands again, DON’T GO UNTIL I GET BACK THERE. but they do fly to a lot of cool places. Hopefully this new job will be better for you and will be easier to manage. Have fun with it! I also cant wait to see the basement when its done. it will be so cool with all the stuff that you are looking to put into it.
Hope that you all are having a good time with all the changes that are going on over there! I love you.