Now I just feel a little sucky about how I performed in track but its amazing that Stephanie is doing so well in her events.

I wanted to talk about Mothers Day. transfers are on the 6th and mothers day is on the 10th so I’m not sure where or when I will be able to do it but thanks for the time frame. it helps out a little bit. we get transfer calls this Saturday so I can let you know before then if plans change.
This past week we had a sort of Mini Zone conference with President and Sister Shumway and it was centered about the “why” we serve and how we need to not put so much focus on the “how” he also told us that he only has 10 weeks left. and I was reminded that I will have a new president for almost exactly half of my mission. I’m not sure if I have told you this already but the new mission president is named Kevin Loveland and he is a potato farmer from Idaho. (because where else would he be from?) its a little weird to think that President Shumway will be gone because I have gotten so used to him and how he runs things and having a new perspective on things is going to really shake up the mission.
Also this week we broke our record of 8 progressing investigators and got 9 instead its the same people as last time but now we have a guy named Dylan. I may have talked about him before but he is dating one of the young women in the ward and he has been coming to church reading and has been coming to the basketball games that we put on at the church every Thursday. speaking of witch. I’m fairly sure that he broke my nose this past Thursday when he jumped out of bounds to save the ball, hucked it over his shoulder and caught me full in the face. (I was guarding him.) I was seeing stars for about 20 minutes and my nose swelled up pretty good. no pictures on that but you probably didn’t want to see it.
Just yesterday we had a very unusual experience. we were in ward council that morning and the ward is trying to do a lot of reactivation. the ward roster is huge but there are very few active members. And the Bishop wanted to get things set right. so he had each auxiliary come up with a few names that we can focus on. and one of hte names brought up by the council is Peggy Byrd (Bird.) the problem was she has no assigned address on the ward roster a little odd to bring it up but ok. later that afternoon Elder Connor and I were out tracking (shoot me…) and were having zero luck with it and walking back to our car Elder Connor just bleats out “lets get one more.” so I just look across the street at the nearest door and say “okay, that one.” we knock on the door and a lady answers and go into our usual shpeel and she just says “I know all this guys, Im a member.” so that was a bit surprising and we got to talking and she said that her name was Peggy W***. the name Peggy jumped out at me but the last name was different so I didn’t think much of it but as the conversation went on we asked her if she would like her record moved down here and she said that her name on the record was Peggy Byrd… we didn’t say anything about the ward council talking about her but we kept talking and then a man walks up to the door and Peggy introduces him as her Ex-husband and his name is Larry Byrd ( awesome name.) so then it all clicked that she had been divorced at some point after going inactive. and we started talking to Larry then all of a sudden he starts holding his head in his hands and Peggy says “not now Larry I cant help you right now.” and he just says “to late.” and starts to really kind of stumble his way back into the house and then he just drops like a sack of potatoes, just passed right the crap out and the first thing out of my mouth “Should we call an Ambulance!?!?!” and she just says “no he’ll be fine”
“well, how long is he like that?!”
“about five minutes at a time.”
“and how long has this been going on!?!”
“about 12 years”
I was scared out of my mind and during this conversation he comes to again and starts writhing on the ground. and then says “broke another rib!” needless to say I wanted out of there and fast so we closed up the conversation and walked away and as soon as we were in the car we started just freaking out to each other about the whole situation. it is ,so far, the craziest thing that has happen while tracking.but it was cool that we found Peggy and now we know where she lives. now I think the next step is getting Mr. Larry some medical attention.
Doing the Lords work sure gets interesting huh? that’s what you’ve got to look forward to Matt!
I forgot my camera today but I will have some pictures to give you. and I am super excited to hit 10 months. Double digits People!!!