Well last week we lost a lot of investigators but this week made up for it by giving us an entire family to teach as well as a set of less actives that are returning to activity. a pretty nice consolation prize all things considered. The family are named the Loving Family and they are GOLDEN!!! we have only been there once and they came to church yesterday and had a great time. did I mention that she has 5 kids and she brought a few of her friends kids with her? and the less active I mentioned before was the one to give all of them a ride giving her the opportunity to come to church for the first time in a year? it was fantastic!we are going back there tomorrow and hopefully things will continue to progress.

transfers this week and Elder Connor will be leaving and I will be staying and My companion will be Elder Pack. iv met him before and he is really a cool guy and serving with him will be fun.
I really wish I could have seen the Temple during the open house and the celebration I hope to go to the temple after I get back and see it in person.
other than the new investigators coming to church this week there isn’t a whole lot to say regarding what us new. today we went out with the zone and hung out in a town called Springdale all day I have some videos but I don’t have the cable to upload the to the One drive right now because we came strait to the library right after. I would also like to say sorry for the lack of pictures I got pretty lazy over the past little while about that.
the funny this about you being in Orlando right now is that we have an investigator who took a vacation out to Orlando to go to Disney World. I doubt that you will run into them but I just think its cool that you are both there.
Humidity is fun right? 🙂