Happy Fathers Day Dad!! sounds like you had a great time with the heat!

Yep teaching the Loving Family is really somthing else they are so prepared to recive the message and have a baptism date for the 18 of next month and are progressing quickly.
Elder Pack is the new elder here and he is a short little guy and he loves to just have a good time, he has been everywhere and done a lot of interesting things. been to Alaska for work. went down to New Mexico to be on his grandpas farm and as a result he can relate to nearly anyone and talk with them about anything. he has been out 7 1/2 months. and does not show it, he knows what he is doing and teaches me so many different things about teaching and now I have a bunch of different ideas for teaching and realting to people.
not a ton to report but I hope that you have a great time this week and that everybody has a good time out on the lake skiing!
Love you all!!