So this week was a little different because we began he week slowly in terms of lessons taught and by Saturday we had only taught 11 lessons total and the standard is 20 and Elder Madson wasn’t to happy about it so he called the Elders in the neighboring ward (Ranch Creek) and found out that they were even worse off, having only taught 9 lessons the entire week so we decided to do a “Blitz” I don’t know if you have ever done anything like this before on your mission but its when two companionship’s get together and all go into each others area and do everything that they an to get lessons in. The four of us first went into Ranch Creeks area and while myself and Elder Bullpitt (one of the Elders in that area) went to an appointment my comp (Elder Madsen) and Elder Reynolds went tracking in that neighborhood and we just did that all day each others areas and by the end of the day the four of us had taught a total if 17 legitimate, meaningful lessons. Needless to say, be the end of the day I was exhausted and slept like a rock that night.  It was a good day and we met the standard.
Funny thing about the basement and it progressing slowly, I cant help but feel like the same thing can apply to people that we are teaching. They are progressing and they are understanding what we are trying to teach them (which is a miracle in and of itself) but they move slowly and it gets to a point where you know that thy are ready for baptism but they are still hesitant and it gets even worse when they get hung up on something that really doesn’t matter, they sweat the details. They will get there one day but it might be a while and all you can do is just put your head down and keep going.
I feel like this week has been a much needed pick up in my mission and it can only get better from here.
Love you Dad
Good Morning Mom!
I am far better than fine because I had a good week and a great Saturday. I said this in the Email that I sent to Dad but I want to tell it again because its really cool. We had only taught 11 lessons throughout the week up until Saturday and Elder Madsen wasn’t to happy about it so he got a hold of the Elders in the Area right next to us and we went around and taught different people in the two areas with all four Elders at the same time. One set would go into an appointment and teach while the other two would go around and either knock doors or do something called “OTMing” its just a bit of Jargin for street contacting because OTM can stand for Open Thy Mouth but its also the initials for the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission. We did this all day Saturday and by the end of the day we had taught 17 lessons. That never happens so I feel good about this week.
Sound like all the different meets and games that you are going to are really keeping you busy. Its fun to watch  basketball game but just sitting around for that long must get really tiresome but it does sound like everyone is getting really really good at their spots and some are becoming the star players. Don’t let that get to their heads (Tiff.) 😛
My sunday was nothing too great but I’m glad that you had a spiritual experience! I don’t know when Stake conference is around here yet so it might be a while before that happens but I did go to a fireside that talked about some of the doctrine behind Temples and the guy teaching it is a sealer in the temple so he has spent so much time there that he is able to answer most questions and tell you some of the cool stuff that’s in the scriptures about Temples.
I had a good week this week and hope to have another good one.
love you!
PS Heaven help us all… Stephanie Tervort is behind the wheel…


So we got another picture texted to us from a member.  This is Zach and his companion Elder Madson.  I have no other details about the picture 🙂


This picture actually has a pretty cool story to go with it!  So this last weekend Matt was in Kansas City , MO for a show choir competition.  While the Matt and his friends were all sitting around another kids comes up to them and asks if they are the kids from Utah and ALA.  The kids and said he had wanted to go to ALA but his family moved because they were called and mission presidents to the Oklahoma Tulsa mission…  Matt immediately asked if his name was Shumway.  Of course it was so Matt said “Hey my brother is in that mission!”.  So the Shumway’s son called his dad and told him the situation.  President Shumway said well I have Elder Tervort right here!  So Matt and Zach got to “talk” with each other through the Shumways 🙂  This is Matt and The Shumway’s son 🙂


Small World


So Nathan got a text on Monday night with this picture attached, no explanation or anything 🙂

After a few texts back and forth it was sent by a girl from Payson High School that graduated with Ryan.  Her name is Mindi Ewell Ogden.  They had the missionaries over for dinner and FHE.

Such a small world!

New Area

Surviving the cold starts with having a good waterproof coat and some good gloves and a hat. Also having a car helps too 🙂 it actually rained yesterday and a little bit of last night but it didn’t end up freezing even though we have had weather in the twenties and below.
This week has been, at the very least, eventful. one of the highlights of the week was that I got to meet two investigators named Harold and Sally and I’m not too sure how long they have been meeting with missionaries but they do enjoy us coming over and talking to them. they come to church and they said that this church is really something different and that they always learns something new and they know that the things that we teach them are true so we talked to them about the gospel of Jesus Christ and then invited them to baptism and they seemed very apprehensive at first but then the husband Harold said “I would like to be baptized but if I go into this, I am going in 100% so I don’t want to get baptized now because I need to be able to be completely converted to this.”  Its amazing because he wanted to not only make sure that he wasn’t making a rushed choice be he wants so bad to be on the strait and narrow path and what he said brought the spirit into the room and I don’t even really know this guy!
I guess that things have been pretty nice/crazy for you because if the whole stake presidency moving around. I never thought of the selection process of the stake presidency as a rushed thing. I thought that the area 70 would do the whole thing but I guess not. its a cool incite to how the church works.
by the way I completely forgot to give you my mailing address (I think iv done that every time I have been transferred)but its 15811 E, 99th st. N. Owasso, OK 74055
things are really looking better in this area and Im excited to be working again.
So I how emailing works here is that we go to a library and do it there but we have only an hour to do anything and yesterday the session timed out while I was writing this email. We came back today so that we could do family history and I finished the email and sent it to you. Happy Tuesday!
Funny thing about the ward that I am serving in is that the ward itself is pretty new. it used to be part of a ward called Ranch Creek but they split and now there is a new ward called the Owasso ward (super creative name.) and Many of the members here used to live in Utah and so when people ask me where I’m from they actually know what I’m talking about. another thing about this ward and Utah is the fact that many family’s have the same names as many Utah city’s out Bishops name is Bishop Ogden there is a family named the Layton’s and a family named the Lindon’s… its a little weird to here those names and then not think about home but I found out that the Layton’s family DID settle Layton, Utah so I should ask the other family’s if that is the case.
WOW it sounds like Clayton got messed up. Snowboarding is fun until you have a little episode like that and then its just weird that you would go through that and then get back up and then do the same trick again and probably crash again. Either way if you could tell him that I said I hope he gets better soon. (His cousin Clayton had a snowboarding accident)
Everyone else seems to be doing something crazy like going to Kansas playing basketball or doing gymnastics so by extension you seem Very very very very bust going to all these things.
When I reply to your emails I kinda go through and read each paragraph and come up with a response, usually not in order but it seems to work. but I have been thinking about my relationship with Heavenly Father and how I need to be a better tool in his hands but I cant do that unless I listen to him first. So I have been trying to follow all the smaller rules that I didn’t think had much importance. thanks for writing that. its become very obvious to me that Heavenly Father is trying to tell me something and now I get it.
thanks again 🙂
Well it looks like Dad’s cousin was right (Nathan has a cousin that lives in the area and I contacted her about Zach being there now), in the few days that I have been here I have been having a bunch of fun and work. My comp. Elder Madson is a really funny guy and the Elders that serve in the area right next to us are really funny too. Their named are Elder Bullpit and Elder Reynolds. We work with each other a lot and so we all became friends quick. Oh and by the way, Garth Brooks’ house is in my area, I’v seen it… its freaking ridiculous how big it is but its also gated so I cant just walk up and “track” the house out and play stupid when he answers the door. (that would be cool though) he also has a lot of land and wherever you drive you are on the other side of his fence. (He knows his mother well that he has already found the house!)
I’m curious, are you going to Kansas city with Matt or is he just going with the school? That is how he has done things in the past but I was just wondering. Also is Steph a level nine or has she moved up? It would be cool to see video of her at the meets, so could you send me some? I don’t thing I have ever seen her in a high level competition.
Six months…its hard to think that it has been that long but I look outside and see the weather and say, yep its been that long. I cant wait for it to warm up again but at the same time i don’t because it gets s muggy. So basically it never gets to a comfortable temperature with the humidity in the air.
Things are looking up around here and I cant wait to get started.
love and miss you!
With transfers happening on New Years Day I would have to say that I share the thought that nothing feels different about this year. All i know is that I will be doing missionary work all of this year, no breaks, so i just need to keep my head down and work and not look back, that has been a bit of a problem lately with my last area being as slow as it was but Owasso is all together different. There are several investigators that we are working with on a very regular basis and Elder Madson is a goofball but really like to just go out and work. The guy makes me laugh daily.
Your right about the freezing weather around here and the freezing rain is something that I’m really not used to. It happened during the transfers and it slowed us down a good bit and all the cars had a solid shell of ice on them. When it happens again I’m going to take some pictures because its just that weird.
The one thing that I can thing of is that I am being taught patience. I wish that I had more people to teach but I need to work in order to get there and when I have that THEN I get will hopefully get what I want. This new area has several investigators that are open and willing to listen to what we have to say but I just need to meet them all first.
Here’s to a new year, hopefully it will be a time of new beginnings for everyone.
love you

I can totally work with 2-3 I don’t have any time where it really wouldn’t work so I will be sure to see you then! 🙂

(This is the story of how we got the picture of him at the gym)
The story of us at Bro. Hanson’s Gym (High Rise.) Bro. Hanson told me that he was setting up a gym hear Fayetteville but I didn’t know where but then a member that knew Elder Bailey from  another time came down and he told us about this trampoline place and that we should check it out. It was the same place that Bro. Hanson had mentioned and while we were there one of the owners came in and started taking some measurements on a few things and he started talking to us and we got on the subject of where were from and when I said Spanish Fork he asked if I knew Zane Hansen and I said that he was my neighbor. The guy we were talking to (cant remember the name) then texted Bro. Hanson and Bro. Hanson wanted him to take a picture so he did and now here we are. Kind-of a cool story.
I got the package and now the tree that I have in the apartment is surrounded by presents. its a little funny.
Mom told me that the videos worked for the Christmas devotional last night. I was a little scared that it didn’t work.
Aside from that we have had a little more success this week, we got a referral for a gut named Brennon and he seems really promising. We have met with him once and he came to church yesterday and is looking to get a better pair of scriptures as soon as he can. Its cool to see after such a really long time of NOTHING.
Aside from that not a bunch has happened this past week but this week is going to be really fun. We have a Christmas zone conference tomorrow and I’m looking forward to that and of course Christmas is this week sooooo that will be fun.
I hope that Christmas at home will be great…. even though I’m not there 🙂


The ward mission leader in our ward owns Trampoline places all over the country (and world).  He happens to have one in Zach’s area.  He texted us this picture today.  I am not ever sure who took it but it was sent to Bro Hansen in our ward, then to Nathan and then to me and now for you guys!

I assume this is his new companion Elder Bailey.

Mom and Dad,
Well now I feel bad for not cluing you in on ANYTHING so you giving the questions are pretty helpful 🙂  (I was super specific with my questions this email so that is what he is talking about)

1.Our apartment is in one of two apartment complexes in town and it is the nicer of the two. The reason that we are living there is because the other complex had a VERY high crime rate and a number of large scale drug busts have taken place there. Also the building that the missionaries stayed in before us burned down last year… I’m glad to be where I am
2. Elder Bailey is from Reno Nevada and he is a total clown! He gets along well with everyone here and what little people that we are able to teach right now and is always looking to help someone in some way.
3. I started opening it on the 14th (like it said to do.) and Elder Bailey is getting a little jealous of all the gifts that people are sending me. Thank you so much for it! (He is talking about the twelve days of Christmas I sent him)
4. The ward is a little all over the place. We have had several missionary homecomings and several more that are looking to leave, but we also have family’s that are expecting children so there is a good variety.
5. I actually got an email from President Shumway today about how that would work. Christmas Day we can call you on Skype or face-time and they ask if we limit the call to 30-45 minutes. (Don’t know WHY but fine.) and we are going to be with a family in the ward named the Homers for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. so I will most likely be calling from there.
6. Our apartment Complex has a clubhouse that has computers that are open to the public to use and we just go down there to email but some other times we go the stake center and email from the family history center that’s there with other missionaries.
Well it sounds like Matt has had a very “eventful” basketball game. It would have been hilarious to go to that show and see him walk on stage in a basketball uniform and then sing Carol of the Bells and then run off stage and go back to a basketball game and then repeat the process. The Christmas Spirit show was always good and that would have only made it better.
Its cool that the basement is getting finished. It will be great coming back to that. Maybe I’ll move into the basement 🙂
Thanks for the encouragement I have been having a harder time in this area than in Fayetteville. everyone is being a jerk about being gone for the holidays.
I hope that everyone has a good Christmas.